The Writing Life
1,000 words
I believe that carefully chosen words are worth every bit as much as the pictures that surround them. Whether it is on paper, in books or online, text is a paintbrush that can be wielded as artfully as piano keys or tempura. Good writing is simple, but not easy. Though there is some fun involved! Such as:

Describing sustainable travel.
Exploring the American outback.
Finding my European roots.
Visiting the 'galloping glacier.'
Expert ski techniques at Whistler.
Exploring the real West.
Fried scorpions in Beijing.
My own home neighborhood.
Dresden, Coventry & real peace.
Amazed and bemused by wildlife.
A kid at 55 in Disneyland.
Walt never cooked stuff like this.
English around the globe on Worldhum
On the Trail of Tears in Arkansas.

Hard at work, research & education,
Willow Creek Hot Springs, Oregon

No Excuses:
I was fortunate enough to help
my friend and mentor, David Neenan,
write a book that details his life
experiences and philosophies.
It only took 18 years! No Excuses:
Be the Hero of Your Own Life
was published in 2008. David
believes in hard work, integrity,
thrift, humor, love and declaring
the meaning of our lives ourselves.
To order a copy of No Excuses, and
to learn more about David and his
transformational workshop,
Business & You, please go here.

Clients & venues
• Alaska Airlines Magazine
• Boston Globe
• Horizon Air Magazine
• Ideaworks
• Los Angeles Times
• Michelin Maps & Guides
• Texas Journey
• Western Journey

Back then:
• Air Transport Association
• Fodor's Publications
• Fort Collins Coloradoan
• National Geographic Traveler
• Northwest Health magazine
• Paradigm Communications Group
• Sasquatch Books
• Seattle Business magazine
• Seattle Weekly
• Sunset magazine
• Valley Daily News
• Virtuoso Life
• Ulysses Press